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for a low maintenance, beautiful hair color served up with an amazing experience? 

Are You Ready

But by...

Committing to a stylist that has built their business and techniques around healthy, natural low maintenance hair color, you’ll be in the hands of someone who has the solutions to all the things holding you back from loving your hair all the time.

So, you want to love your hair color and style but maybe…

-You don’t have a hairstylist who makes you feel listened to and understood.


-You haven’t been educated on how to style and take care of your hair in a way that fits your busy lifestyle.


-You want to make the shift to something more natural and lower maintenance.


-You want a stylist that will care for the health of your hair as much as the color and style.

Here's How To Get Started !



Click here to view my Service Page and to learn about what’s included in your services session and what the investment will be.



Fill out the New Guest Form to tell me a bit more about your goals and hair history. 


This will help us confirm which service session is right for you 



Upon confirmation and submission of the form, you will receive an email with how to move forward with securing your appointment.



At this point, you'll be set up with a reservation for your visit, feeling excited and confident in our plan moving forward 

What to expect at your first visit. 

On the morning of your appointment, you'll receive a personal text message with a warm hello and instructions on what to do when you get here. You'll be able to choose your drink, music, and essential oil of choice before walking into the salon.


When you arrive, I'll kindly introduce you to the space to make you feel comfortable and walk you through the consultation process. Together we'll create a plan tailored to your specific hair needs before we begin your service.


As we explore solutions and plans to create your perfect hair color, you will feel listened to, excited, and taken care of.

A personal styling lesson and home hair care product recommendations will be discussed to wrap up your visit.  We will make sure to send you home with any products you need to make your color last and keep your hair healthy and easy to style. 

After we have completed you’re color session & your feeling gorgeous, it’s time for the photoshoot! I will walk you outside and take some photos of your new look! 

You’ll leave the salon feeling confident and happy, knowing that your new color is going to have a seamless grow out. 

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