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I started my career in cosmetology in 2008.


I was born and raised in Rochester, Minnesota, and I'm excited to be living and working in the beautiful community of Carlsbad, California. 

I'm an ENFP, an Aries, and my love language is Quality Time and Physical Touch, which basically means I'm a bubbly, creative extrovert that loves to hug! 

 I am also extremely passionate about our industry and the impact I make on my guests every day. I make it a point to attend several classes and workshops each year to make sure I’m always serving you with the most cutting-edge trends and techniques. 




When I have free time, I also love to travel! My favorite places I’ve been to so far are New York, & Washington DC. Next up on my bucket list: Europe! If you’ve been, and you have any recommendations or must-see destinations for a solo traveler I'm all ears!  

Some of my favorite things: 



-Iced Coffee

-Hamburgers and Parmesan Fries  


-Comedy movies 

-Craft Cocktails and White Wine

-Self Growth

-Yoga, and outdoor activities 


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